Zebra ZT230 Error Code Alert Ribbon Out

Possible Causes

In thermal transfer mode:

1. Ribbon is not loaded

2. Ribbon is loaded incorrectly

3. The ribbon sensor is not detecting ribbon

4. Media is blocking the ribbon sensor


1. Load ribbon correctly.

2. Calibrate the printer.

Possible causes

In thermal transfer mode, the printer did not detect the ribbon even though it is loaded correctly.


1. Print a sensor profile. The ribbon out threshold is likely to high, above the line that indicates where the ribbon is detected.

2. Calibrate the printer or load printer defaults.

Possible Causes

If you are using direct thermal media, the printer is waiting for ribbon to be loaded because it is incorrectly set for thermal transfer mode.


Set the printer for Direct Thermal mode. Refer to the user guide for information about changing the print method.